Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 ways to see ghost.

Do you ever feel there's someone who always watching you??do you think there are ghost around you??ever wonder what is the method to see these creature??well wonder no more because the IEPOV team has short listed 10 way for you to see GHOST!

1.Cornea Transplant.
It says When an eye transplant patient uses a dead person cornea they will have the ability to see ghost. The ghost that they usually saw is the owner of the cornea itself. Trying to get back his/her cornea back. Some say if an eye transplant patient stare into a mirror for too long it might see the previous owner of the cornea.

2.Suicide attempt.
Some people say a pregnant woman that tries to attempt suicide can see ghost.This leaves man with 9 ways to see ghost :)

3.Oujia Boards.
Oujia board is made up of board that have writing on it.The more satanic looking the boards has on it the higher the capability of the ghost will come. Place a cup on the middle of the board place your finger on that cup and say some satanic word(or something like that). If you are lucky enough the ghost will come and play together :)

4.Midnight Hide and Seek.
Play ''Hide and Seek" in a 'dirty' place such as forest,cemetery isolated building or anyplace that is scary  enough. The ghost will come and play with you.But be careful when any of the ghost hide you no one can be able to see you yet seeking. For some reason a black cat is required to search for the peson who is hidden by the ghost.....

5.Dirt Mask.
This is easy. Go to your nearest cemetery, dig up some mud from any graves and apply it as a mask to your eyes. And you can see ghost. It is like an xray glasses to see ghost.

6.Calling hungry ghost.
Youll need a bowl,chopstick rice and everything nice(too eat). Tap the bowl with your chopstick and keep tapping until you can see hungry ghosts coming towards you to eat the food. Dont stop tapping until they are finish eating and leaving, because they will be able to see you when you stop....and.......youll know what happen next....

7.Midnight Hair Combing.
This is an easy one. Just comb your hair around 12 midnight and you will be able to see the reflection of the ghost. Sometimes your reflection on the mirror is the ghost but you didnt notice it because it copy every move you make. So next time you comb your hair at night,make sure you check your time.

8.Opening Umbrella.
Just Open you umbrella indoors at midnight and see what happen.
9.Look Between your legs.

When you feel some mysterious chill around your neck while walking alone on some scary places such as corridors, try to bend over,and look between your legs......what youll see??figure it out by yourself....

Are you brave enough to try one of these method???
So there you go 10 way........oh goes no 10...

 This is the far most easiest way to see ghost.....oh wait.......who is behind you??.....

easy way to see a ghost

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