Monday, December 10, 2012

Prostitute earn quick bucks up to RM30,000 each in only 20 days

FOREIGN women are earning quick bucks up to RM30,000 each in only 20 days by prostituting themselves in Malaysia.
China Press reported that these women, who lived in deprived conditions back in their homeland, were able to take home at least RM20,000 a month after deducting living expenses.
Quoting police investigations, it said Malaysia was attracting women from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indo-nesia, Cambodia, India, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Laos, South Africa, Nigeria, Mongolia and Morocco due to the lucrative market for foreign prostitutes here.
The women, who travel to Malaysia on social visit passes, were allowed a 40-day stay, which they utilise for their “business” by renting rooms or homes in red-light areas such as Bukit Bintang. They usually charge between RM150 and RM200 per session.
After deducting expenses for rental, food, clothing and cosmetics, they have RM20,000 balance. They then rest for 10 days before taking a cheap flight back to Malaysia to repeat the process.
Bukit Aman anti-vice, gambling and secret societies (D7) division chief assistant director Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said these activities were worrying as not only was money being “drained out of the country”, there was the possibility of these women being HIV carriers.
Vietnamese women are said to be the most sought-after for their beauty and ability to converse in English and Chinese.


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