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10 Bizzare beauty sign Pt.1

Beauty is acknowledged all around the world, nevertheless the differences in culture, religion, or race, different culture with different way of showing their beauty.

Some might be acceptable and look normal and some are just quite Bizzare for the whole world to get knowledge of,  lets have a look on a few strange beauty sign from various culture.


There is a saying that goes, "There are ten thousand buckets of tears for one who binds her feet. " A Chinese tradition that began in the Song Dynasty, foot-binding is an extremely painful procedure made in order to have petite feet (the ideal length of which is 7.5Cm), as back then no man wanted to marry a woman with "big feet".

In South America, the Wauwai people used the boa constrictor to inspire a form of beauty: body-swelling. The legs of young girls were bound below the knee to create swollen calves. In the Bahrain Ghazal region of the Nile Basin, the Dinka had a similar wires, they bound their arms and legs so tightly that the flesh would swell around the coils.

Elongated earlobes
Regarded as a form of beauty in the old days, elongated earlobes represented great beauty. 
Traditionally, parents start piercing their babies' ears when they are about a month old.
The Heavy earrings placed in the baby's ear-lobes extend, the number of rings increase.
Often, the earlobes will extend right down to the shoulders of a person. 
Some women may have more than a hundred earrings in one ear!
The closest community to practise this are Dayaks in East Malaysia.

Corsets are believed to have originated in European the the 16th century to help women attain a svelte, hourglass figure. The undergarments, often stiffened with metal boning, are held together by lacing at the back.


Believe it or not, urine plays a key role in dental hygiene!
Used to kill germs and prevent gum disease, urine became a base for gargling in Roman times. Containing urea, ammonia and other germ fighting agents, urine has even proven successful in whitening teeth.

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