Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Defendant threaten to kill Judge during his trial

This guy apparently accused for a first-degree murder.

For some reason he is in rage because he don't want his friend to be kicked out from the court and refuse to give anymore statement to the judge

He started to shout and threaten to kill the judge.
"If you dont let me out of here im gonna f*cking kill you"
The judge looks scared, i don't blame her.

Check out the video below.

Hollie Toups filed a lawsuit against for spreading her naked picture

Hollie Toups, have filed a lawsuit against a porn website the, a so called "revenge porn" website for spreading her naked picture, a picture that he sent to her ex-lover a while ago.
The photo, like any other porn photo spreads like wildfire, it had been shared among the public and it has comes to Toups knowledge after one of her friends told her that her private photo is one of the photo that is being featured on the site. 

Other women who had their nude photo spread by their ex-love would be hiding in shame from the public, but not for Toups, she and several other women who have been a victim stand up and fight for their right.

Toups said that she will not be shamed by the images as she fights with the site.

"These sites are all about public humiliation,"

"I don't regret speaking publicly about it if that's what it takes to make a change," she said.
After the lawsuit had been made, had updated their webpage by putting a disclaimer denying responsibilities for any contents posted on their website. As for now the traffic is currently down due to "Traffic overload & Discussion".

The sites host, also will be sued if they refuse to corporate with the investigation, they are pressured to reveal the identity of the owner and creator.

Other than that, John Morgan the attorney who filed the suit on Friday said that they will also track down and demand an unspecified damage from the individuals who post contents and pay to subscribe. is a porn website for ex-lover to get payback by posting their ex-lover naked picture, the main idea is to humiliate a particular person.

Woman blows up car by accident

No one was injured after a Massachusetts women trunk remote triggered an explosion in a crowded parking lot.

When Jackie Surgue thought that someone had put a bomb in her car after the car exploded up when she pop her car trunk, she was wrong.

According to the state fire Marshall ignited vapor trapped in plumbing equipment that is stored inside the car.

Jackie cars is gone, but she just thankful that nobody was killed.

The new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

An aircraft takes off from about an 100 to 180 km/h, but during the new Lamborghini Aventador would go up to 200 to 350 km/h.

If you attach wings on both side of the car, you will literally fly more faster than a normal aircraft.

This newest Italian produced Lamborghini model can be owned for $445,000.

A mother who has lost all four of her children to gun violence in Chicago

Shirley Chamber, a mother from Chicago is devastated by his fourth son death, since 1995 to 2013 she lost all four of her kids because of gun violence.

In, 1995 she began losing them, one by one, not to disease not to an accident but to gun violence, all right in her own neighborhood.

She lost her first Carlos, the 18-year-old boy who are involved in a gunfight  after an argument with his friend in school, had been shot to death.

5 years later, in April of 2005, it was 15 year-Old-Latoya, Shirley only daughter. Latoya was accidently shot by a 13-year-old who had somehow got a hold of a gun.

And then 3 month after Latoya was killed, Shirley oldest son, Jerome, 23, were shot and killed in a drive-by shooting.

At that point, all she had left was Roney, they stuck together for more a decade, holding each other though the tough time, but last weekend, on Chicago street, gun down and sitting in a car, he was 33-year-old.
She is so devastated and said, "Its hard, its very hard, i dont know no mother, no father would know how to go through this."

Caleb moore x games accidents

Caleb Moore, 25, a snowmobiler who had an accident while competing at the X Games Aspen is still remain critical, his family told the press.

On Thursday, he fail to complete his back flip trick during his final run for the Snowmobile Freestyle category, and landed with the 450-pound snowmobile on top of him.
He had been submitted to St. Mary's Hospital, his brother Colten Moore also involved in an accident during the competition, but according to his Facebook page he was released from the Hospital saturday while his brother remains.
His personal and X-games fans had been showing a lot of support to Moore family, in hope that Moore will recover soon.

The most funniest fat girl in the world

Her name is Jessica, in 2008, she appear on Maury weighted 230 LBS, she was given the nickname the 'Fattest girl in the world'.

But in 2009, she had lost 90 more than 90 Kilos when she join a University Program where they put her on a strict diet and exercise program.

A korean women going through plastic surgery for handicapped her son

She once called the 'Ugly Duckling' because of her unattractive face and her 'duck like' mouth.

Not after she had gone though a Plastic surgery sponsored by a Reality TV Program, she had turn into a beautiful swan princess.

The free cosmetic surgery is offered after a heartbreaking story about a  handicapped son that always wanted to see his mother looks pretty had been featured on a Korean Reality TV program.

Check out her picture before and after the plastic surgery.

After seeing this picture, i must say, Korean plastic surgery doctor are the best.

That is just her luck, for some reason i feel sad when i look at her face(before plastic surgery), i hope her life will change for good after she had gone though the beauty transformation.

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Two 10-year-old kids having sex on a stair

I dont know what is wrong with Kids Nowadays, they slap their mom, they have sex on stairs.

Wait what? "they have sex on stairs?", Yes!

Check out a few photo showing two 10-year-old kids 'getting it on'.

Seeing the picture, I feel bad and super annoyed at the same time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Trend Among Japanese girl : 'Doorknobs Licking'

So i was browsing for good article to write about, and then i stumble upon about an article saying that 'licking door knob' is now a trend among Japanese girl in Japan.

I was like? what? i was thinking, this is literally the same like the 'Duckface' trend in America, the only difference is they are licking....well....

Since im not Japanese, Im not sure whether this is actually a trend among Japanese girls. If the there are any Japanese reader who reads this such as Yuki Kadoya, you guys might want to explain what is this picture is all about.


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