Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cammi Tse Admits giving her Virginity to Edison Chen

8 Nov – Model Cammi Tse who was in the recent sex photo scandal with singer Edison Chen, has tearfully confirmed that she did indeed lose her virginity to him, according to the May Daily website

Her recent statement contradicts with her previous one where she told the media that she did not have a sexual relationship with Edison. 

During an interview last Wednesday, the 16-year-old model broke down and admitted that Edison filmed a 2-minute bedroom scene but stressed she did wear underwear and a uniform while doing it. 

She said Edison wanted to film her, saying it was for his company. 

"Although we were together for only three months, we really had a great time. He loved me so much at the time and I believe he was wholehearted," she told the media, with even more tears rolling down her cheeks. 

However, during another interview by Hong Kong's Apple Daily on Thursday, she denied having sex with Edison and claimed that there was no erotic video clip, saying she only went to his house to "watch TV". 

In response to why Edison wasn't wearing a shirt in most of the photos, Cammi said it is normal for men, including her dad, to wear little or nothing on hot days. 

Cammi was 16 in March, the legal age of consensual sexual activities in Hong Kong. It is not known when Edison actually took her virginity.

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