Thursday, August 16, 2012 new Islamic based social networks

A new Islamic based social website called the Salamworld will be up and running, expected to be as big as Facebook and Twitter among it's targeted user, which of course from the Muslim's all around the world. 

The main priority is to provide a database as a platform for all the Muslim's to get together as a symbol of unity.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter which only focus on personal Profile, Salamworld offers a more specific interest to their users, such as Architect, Singer, Songwriter and so on. Literally hearing their proposal the seems sounds like a forum.

"User will not spend their time viewing things that they dont have any interest in, because they have the option's to choose what they actually wanted" as brand manager Eroy Toksoy stated.

Currently Salamworld Beta Version is now being tested by almost a thousand people all around the world.

So what do you think? will this site make an impact to their targeted community? or this site is just another 'failure to be' such as Hi5, Friendster and such. Would you sign up for that?

Source: Bharian / Satuumat

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