Monday, December 10, 2012

Prison Break Fail : Prisoner gets stuck on a wall

Maybe for the imprisoned, any plan to break from jail sounds like a good one. But for this oversized inmate, what could have been a great escape turned into a big disaster.
The Brazilian prisoner was trying to squeeze out of a hole in the wall smashed open with a shower pipe by fellow escapees. The tattooed and bald convict tried to wriggle through after a smaller man, but he got stuck midway, half his body touching freedom, and his legs and middle stuck back in the prison.
While prisoners on the inside tried unsuccessfully to push him through, Rafael Valadão's yells of pain alerted the authorities to the plan. The gig was up.
The prison break took place in Ceres, Brazil, according to the Telegraph. And despite the bumbling efforts inside the prison, one inmate did get free.
"He has a very large physique and is also very tall," Lieutenant Tiago Costa of the local fire brigade told the publication.
The prisoner who made it out managed to climb over a 15-foot wall and has not been found. Valadão is being treated for a possible fractured rib. And possibly, a bruised ego.


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