Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hollie Toups filed a lawsuit against for spreading her naked picture

Hollie Toups, have filed a lawsuit against a porn website the, a so called "revenge porn" website for spreading her naked picture, a picture that he sent to her ex-lover a while ago.
The photo, like any other porn photo spreads like wildfire, it had been shared among the public and it has comes to Toups knowledge after one of her friends told her that her private photo is one of the photo that is being featured on the site. 

Other women who had their nude photo spread by their ex-love would be hiding in shame from the public, but not for Toups, she and several other women who have been a victim stand up and fight for their right.

Toups said that she will not be shamed by the images as she fights with the site.

"These sites are all about public humiliation,"

"I don't regret speaking publicly about it if that's what it takes to make a change," she said.
After the lawsuit had been made, had updated their webpage by putting a disclaimer denying responsibilities for any contents posted on their website. As for now the traffic is currently down due to "Traffic overload & Discussion".

The sites host, also will be sued if they refuse to corporate with the investigation, they are pressured to reveal the identity of the owner and creator.

Other than that, John Morgan the attorney who filed the suit on Friday said that they will also track down and demand an unspecified damage from the individuals who post contents and pay to subscribe. is a porn website for ex-lover to get payback by posting their ex-lover naked picture, the main idea is to humiliate a particular person.


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