Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yunessun Spa Resort : Japan hot spring full with red wine

At Yunessun Spa Resort japan, costumer have the chance to get into a hot spring full of red wine, as they claimed, this is to cleanse their body, to Green tea to sake the costumer can now drink while they are bathing.

This is indeed a very weird way of cleaning oneself, as the originator of the wine spa trend, Mathilde Thomas claimed, soaking yourself in red wine offers no benefit.

The spa is actually a part of an amusement park, The attraction will only available for 12 days each year.

The spa facility is divided into three main areas - Utopia (bathing suit required), Yunessun (bathing suit required) and Mori No Yu (bathing suit not required). So depending on what floats your boat, you can choose to go into just the first two or head into all three sections. ;) The flavoured spa pools in the outdoor Utopia area include coffee, green tea, red wine and sake. 

While the indoor Yunessun attractions include the God's Aegean Sea (a large pool with many small pockets of whirlpool areas), Roman Bath, sauna, fish spa (where dozens of little fishes get to nibble on your dead skin), a jacuzzi pool filled with Dr Ci:Labo's collagen products! Relaxing and anti-aging at the same time, what's not to like?


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