Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our beloved earth are predicted to meet its end at the year 2012. This is a prediction made by the National Aeronautics and Space Association(NASA). As we all know NASA is very well known and trusted organization in conducting space research. 

Here is some of NASA prediction regarding to this horrifying matter :

1.The world will spin on its opposite direction at 2 second time on 2012.

2.The sun will rise from the west.

3.Impact from the global warming(where by both north/south pole ice will melt and causing the increase of the sea level)
-Singapore are predicted to sink at the year 2012

 4.The doomsday will fall on 1st Ramadan 2012 (Friday) 
-this is similar to the Muslim belief and what has been stated in their holy book of Quran whereby its say the doomsday will fall on FRIDAY.

And here is some other facts about the 2012 Armageddon. 

-The Mayan predicted that Armageddon day will fall on December 21, 2012.
-invade the Earth in 2012
-Environtment collapsein 2012
-Planet X / Nibiru hit the Earth in 2012

-Super Volcano erupt in 2012
-Nostradamus prediction(French apothecary and supposed seer who published collections of prophecies)
  -Nostradamus is also believed made prediction about:
    -World war 2/Hitler
    -7/11 incident

 What have been listed above is just a few from thousand of 2012 reckoning day, overall there have been many fail speculations regarding to this matter, and these speculation shown above might not come true. Its up to you to believe it or not, for the time being maybe you should give it a thought and think about it a second. What happen if it is real?what would you do when the time has come for you?have you made preparation for the Reckoning day nor the judgment day?have you consider your sins?
Think about it.

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