Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rozita Che Wan naked photo leaked?

A nude screen cap of a women who are completely naked in a webcam chat, resembling the famous Malaysian actress Rozita Che Wan is spreading like hot cakes.

No legit news saying that she is the person in the picture and she strongly denies the news nor Rozita che wan had ever thought on going naked online as she mention in her recent interview with

She also mention that the women in the picture is her lookalike, or the naked picture might be superimposed. 

We dont think that Rozita is that kind of women who would do such things, since her records are completely clean from any sex scandal throughout her acting career. and she seems like a decent women.
And for those of you who actually wanted to see her naked, im sorry this is a hoax, and i dont think that you will ever see her goes naked. But to make it up for you, here is a few of her photo.

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