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7 ways to generate MONEY online.

Do you love surfing on the internet?why dont you turn that hobby into a money making activities.One of the easiest way to generate income is through the internet. This is a very well known secret for most of the people out there and many has achieve success by doing this activity. It is similar to working, but instead of using a lot of energy you only have to lay back on your seat make a cup of coffee and manage your online activities.
There are many websites out there that offer you this opportunity to make money online you got to earn your earning though.

IEPOV team has been doing some research on how you can generate money online. Among hundreds of list we had shortlisted 7 of them that apparently are the most easy to access.

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7 ways on how you can generate money online :

1.Adsence/Affliate program

Here is one of the famous way that you can generate money online. The key is to generate traffic as much as you can. What is traffic? traffic is literally saying the number of people who comes to visit you blog/site. And to have your visitors click on ads and affiliate links that is provided by many type site. Some of the famous one is Google Adsense, Amazon affliate program or Nuffang(Malaysia).
They will ask you to place their banner and text ads on your blogs or websites. You can also incorporate in-text ads (the colored, underlined text with small pop-up ads). I like for this, and is another commonly used service. The income you earn depending on the number of click done by your visitor.
Many have use this kind of technique and according to them this is the best way to generate money online.

2.Take Online Surveys
Here is one other way you can generate money. By doing Online survey in websites such as :
Again you need to earn your money by doing survey provided at their wesites. Some can be quite stressful. But some are just easy money(sort of speak).
Some of this kind of site offer real payment but be careful though these kind of website might be a scam, you might want to do some research about them and proceed with coution.

3.Play games

Yes playing games can get you a paycheck. At you can get paid by  playing the games provided at their websites it starts you up by giving you a penny which you can gain more by playing their variety types of games. And again their websites gain their benefit through Ads. They are willing to throw some dollars for you to participate by playing their games of course.


If you get accepted as a blogger at you might generate some income. All you have to do is to keep your blog content fresh. It might earn you income about 80$ to 100$ a month not much, but for some extra pocket money every month i think it is ok.

5.Listen to music.

I know what you are thinking. You are like WHAT?? but, yes there are websites such as that gives this money making opportunity to the music lovers out there. All you have to do is listen to their music and do some review on the music. They usually provide new artist music piece that need some evaluation on it. And again you need to show some effort to gain your payment. Be active in their blog and keep throwing those reviews.

6.Web/Product review.

You can participate in online focus groups at, where you review a product you've used, or discuss an issue of interest to you. Payment ranges from about $50-150 per session. Participants are typically asked to join a group once or twice a year.

7.Sell your work
If you are good in designing you might want to participate in designing t-shirt,logo,fancy fonts or any other graphic. If your work is choosen you will get paid handsomely. Well in other word you work sell your work online.take a look at the challenges at and
There are actually many ways to make money online try to do some research on it on the internet. in this activities money you will be generating will come as easy as it sounds. You need A LOT of
If you are really interested just try to so some of it, it is stressful at the beginning of  it at first but eventually when you got the hang of it you will generate income handsomely. It is worth trying.

For those of you beginners out there i recommend you to do the 1st and 4th option these two option is one of the trusted ways to generate online income. All you need to do is setting up, promote and provide good content and you will be on your way.

p/s IEPOV will not be responsible for any of you out there that might get scam by these type of websites. Approach with your own risk.

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