Monday, December 10, 2012

China Politican Scandal : Liu Zhijun has kept as many as 100 mistresses

In China, power, corruption, and mistresses are like the three points of a triangle—one is hardly worth having without the other two. It’s assumed that most officials keep mistresses, and that there’s a direct correlation between how powerful an official is, how corrupt he might be, and how many mistresses he keeps.
Liu Zhijun, the disgraced minister of railways, was found to have embezzled $152 million and juggled 18 mistresses. But he was no match for Bo Xilai, the Chongqing party chief who fell from power early this year, who was rumored to have, through his wife, funneled over a $1 billion out of the country and kept as many as 100 mistresses.
But unlike America, where a mistweeted cock shot can end a political career, for senior officials in China, sexual imprudence is almost always a coda to allegations of corruption. Only after an official’s political indiscretions are revealed do his personal indiscretions come to light.
All that changed two week ago when a five-year-old sex tape of Beibei district party secretary Lei Zhengfu, yet another corrupt Chongqing official, was released online by Zhu Ruifeng, a private investigative journalist who runs a website aimed at exposing corruption.
In the video, Lei, who looks like Jabba the Hutt’s semi-retarded cousin, flops around on top of his then 18-year-old mistress, which some media have identified as a woman named Zhao Hongxia, before dismounting and cleaning himself off. The sex tape was filmed with a hidden camera in Zhao’s purse and focuses on Lei's bulbous undulations. It isn't meant for anyone's sexual enjoyment.


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