Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hatred Spread Through Facebook.

Hello guys....i have been browsing through my facebook wall and i stumble on this disturbing facebook group that uses name like.

-F*** ALLAH.
-Burn Quran F*** ALLAH.
-Mshan ALLAH F*** you mouth.
-Fuck God,and any ALLAH you praise.

Muslim people in facebook are really furious and have made a group called:

'TO FACEBOOK ADMINS: YOU HAVE TO SHUTDOWN THE GROUP "FxxK ALLAH" NOW!!!' as a protest act for this absurd actions made by some people who really need to get their head smack onto the wall.

if i am not mistaken these group(F*** Allah) are made since the year 2009,since then people that are against these group made report to the admin of facebook and keep telling them to delete this group,at the end there are no action taken regarding to this matter.

All the muslim facebook user had made a cause through www.causes.com with one intention that is to SHUTDOWN THE GROUP F*** ALLAH.
there are also a group called
'Muslims Reject BURN A Koran Day'

Support them

I dont see any point of doing this kind of Event it only promotes hatred among all the people with different religion and this is an unacceptable issue that should t happen
also all the muslims trying to delete these group through causes.

and how does causes work??these causes need a million supporters to achieve their main goal.all they have to do is join these causes and invite other people with.It sapposed when it reaches a million supporters The group(F*** Allah) will be deleted. But we will see....

Support Them

(click the picture for a larger view)

Link to these group that should be made at the first place.

these is just a few group that promote hatreds among among the peoples.
they should be punish!!

Yours truly,

p/s this post are never meant to offend anyone or any group in a specific way.


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