Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Korean music.

(incident somewhere around KK)

BOY : Hey Girl whats up?what are you up to???
GIRL: Ouh hey nothing much, just listening to some korean songs.

BOY : WHAT??KOREAN SONG??do you even understand its lyric??......

Hey yow whats up guys....yes you guess it, on this post i will talk about these so called korean trends that are really give a very big impact to our community(especially teenagers).

So,what it is about korean artist that make our youngsters nowadays are going crazy about them??

is it their talent??

Is it their dancing??

Or they are just pretty and handsome??

well i can agree with that korean girl are frikin AWESOME!!!and for the guys they guys got a really2 nice hair. I think that is one major reason on why these youngster are going crazy for them. Some really want to look like them, if it is posible for them they want to change their faces and look like a korean, even the korean influence our dressing, hair due etc....

Well who cares. A pretty face with nice song tune that sure will sell. Overall this is all about entertainment.

3 of the major reason on why do our people likes korean artist :

1.They are pretty/Handsome/Cute

2.They produce fresh,creative tune

3.They can dance(multi telented)(im not sure all of them can sing as good as they can dance)

Overall they are a good entertainer, and gives good entertainment, but we should not forget about our local music industry, they need support for them to go further like these korean singing group. Our music industry also have their own quality music that we should appreciate more than these korean artist. Im pretty sure those korean singing band already got many fans. So try to hear some of our local song produce from our country if you got spare time. You might like our song than those korean songs that you cant even understand the lyrics.

p/s this post is never meant to offend any music lover in any way.

Yours truly
~ekkem :)

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