Monday, November 15, 2010

5 Horror legendary Figure All-Time.

Since the early of Hollywood horror industry development, we have been witnessing the creation of some character that has played their role well in term of giving impact to its audience. Among all of the character that are known, The IEPOV team has selected six of them that appear to be the most horrifying and well created nor structured psychology  and physically creature.

This monster stars in a movie called Friday the 13th.He is a boy that fell into the Crystal Camp Lake due to the careless of the camp council that appear to be teenagers.He is then growing up and become an evil yet heartless monster then swore his revenge to anyone who goes to the lake.
Jason appearance is unique wearing a hockey mask and a machete.He is a monster that doesn't talk much.

Freddy krueger is a child murderer,one day the villagers burn his house at the same time killing him, he has this special abilities to come in ones dream and use it as a platform to inflict pain to his victims.Similar to Jason the motif of killing is revenge, freddy krueger is a dead monster, right before he dies he made an agreement with the devil with his soul for offer.
Different from jason freddy krueger is more likely a humorous monster yet evil.

Like any other monster this psyco monster has been started killing when he is 6 years old. His first victim is his own sister brutally killing her before he is submitted to the mental institute.When he grows old enough he then come back home in a Halloween night  and killed his own family.He is then become the most brutal killer that went crazy by killing the whole neighborhood. Wearing mask and carrying knife This monster sits in the no 3 spot.

Chucky stars in a film Child's Play it has been remembered as one of the brutal killer in Hollywood horror movie. It is a dool hunted by the spirit of a murdered robber. Cute and cuddly as it looks it has a very evil intension that is to KILL!!!people wouldt aspect that doll to be a brutal monster.

Same as The Dracula the Frankenstein monster  is a novel character that turn into a movie role. Frankenstien is a monster made up of different part of human bodies that is an crazy obsession of the Dr. Frankenstein. It can live with the help of the lightening power.

Other than the character mention above the are gazillion of evil monster that has surely give impact to the audience of the Hollywood horror movie this is just some of them.

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