Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ekram Mahat or commonly known as Ekkem Spark, a blogger that are trying to be motivated to learn something new about blogging everyday. "Sometimes i think it is pointless to post about stuff, but then the enjoyment of sharing things throughout the internet and knowing there are people who actually read you post, are priceless, i consider myself as an entrepreneur, i am relatively a small player in this scene, but i have a dream to go big someday, just need patient and preserverence" :)

Originally I.E.P.O.V means 'In Ekky Point Of View', our update based on random information that might appear interesting for the readers to consume, past or current issue, u name it we post it. So what are you waiting for? browse our post for more interesting facts or that 'something' that you dont know.....well...literally...Make sure to bookmark us and make Iepov your one stop blog for the day :) 

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