Thursday, November 18, 2010

Death Cause by FACEBOOK!

Facebook has been well establish and known to most of the people who are familiar with online social networks and it is being widely used as a platform for the people from all around the world.Facebook is literally saying influence our way of life in many ways, both negative and positive.

But then,not many of its user aware of the problem that can cause by it. Some of it leads to death.

1.Hayley Jones

May 2008,Mother-of-four Hayley Jones,26 was killed by her partner because of changing her relationship status from 'Married' to 'Single'.Afraid of losing her to someone else 10 days later her husband strangle and stab her from the behind. He was later sentence to life in jail.

Emma is said to committed suicide on Christmas eve,2008.It is due to the horrible post posted on Emma wall.For some reason her dad saw the post and respond to it instead of defending Emma he respond as if it is not a big deal, but for Emma it is.

3.Stephen Charles Garcia + Wyatt James Arthur Garcia.
The third death is not cause facebook in any way. This father-son suicide note was posted on facebook.Stephen Garcia the father of the murdered son dint want to live without his ex-girlfriend(Katie Tagle) yet sharing custody with her. He then committed suicide and his suicide note in a form of pitures posted hours later(possibly posted by his friend).

4.Cyber Bullies.
Suffolk County-17-year-old Alexis Pilkington has committed suicide suspected caused from cyber bullying, and investigation are being held based on what posted on his wall after and before he is dead.

Even after 17-year-old Alexis Pilkington died, the harassing internet messages keep coming, posted on a page meant to stand as a tribute.

"If they broke it down and they found these cowards ... there's probably a handful of them, maybe five maybe ten, who knows, but I'm also a karma guy," Thomas Pilkington, Alexis' father told PIX News. "What goes around comes around."

Death On Facebook.(additional Info)

Be very-very careful when you use facebook next time. And keep reminding people around you about these fact.


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