Tuesday, November 16, 2010

World Most Haunted Island.

Near venice in italy lies a very disturbing scenery of an island with its dark and gloomy colour appear on both land and the sea.The island that appear to be quite interesting is called Poveglia. There no amount of population stated yet even the tourist are forbidden to set foot on that island.

It started in the late 50's when a very vast plaque are spread throughout italy,people are dying and from day to day the increase of the dead due to the plague is overwhelming. The people then decided to put the all dead crops in one place......The island of poveglia is then choosen.....

Ignoring the island disturbing history, a Mental hospital is build on that island in the early 90's, since then there have been many witnesses that has experience the mystery of the island. 

Hearing things such as scream is usual.
The ghost of the island of Poveglia still remains, haunting the empty tower for all eternity, and on a quiet night the tower’s bell can still be heard tolling eerily across the bay.


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