Sunday, December 19, 2010

BlogLarian an efficient method for BlogWalking!!!


Ok this might appear a little bit to late when everybody had made entries about the BL weeks ago....well anyway....  i have been using the 'BlogWalking' method to improve my blog traffic, and usually half of the day on doing this i got almost 200 plus traffic. But recently, i have been tagged by Mahsidi to join these wonderful way to BW. and it has increased my amount of traffic, after a few test discussion we have decided to join this in order to be listed as one of the blog in the site.But before that!!!we are required to complete some survey,so here goes.....

1)  "Saya suka berblogwalking kerana ia membantu saya untuk berBW dengan lebih effective dan efficient,dan ia direka dengan penuh mesra pengguna sekali...." (skema la plak xD) 

2)  We are required to tag three other blogger, and here goes....


Ok guys what are you waiting for??lets start lari lari blog @ Bloglarian
Yours truly,
~ekkem :D


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