Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Who Own Google(Picture Included!!).

Have you ever wonder who is the geniuses who comes out with the idea of creating search engine on the World Wide Web, such as Google and Yahoo. Literally saying the backbones of your browsing pleasure. Have you ever wonder what would the internet be without any of these browsing site? hmmm....lost indeed.....

Google Founder
Larry Page

Sergey Brin

Yahoo Founder
Jerry Yang
David Filo

Bing & MSN 
Bing (formerly Live SearchWindows Live Search, and MSN Search) it is a Microsoft product act as a web search engine, and have been working in conjucntionally with Yahoo.com. No actual founder that has been stated but the man responsible for the distribution of the service is:
Steve Ballmer

Ask.com Founder

Garrett Gruener

 David Warthen

There you go some of the web search engine developers, without them internet would be less fun :)

Other Web search engine:

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