Friday, October 28, 2011

Malaysian Kpop (korean pop)

Kpop, or Korean Pop, for any of you guys who dindt know what is Kpop, it is an entertainment term used for the Korea entertainment scene. Enough About that everybody knows what is actually Kpop and how it influence the youngster. Straight to the point, some of the Malaysian youngster, are trying to come out with their own Kpop Based Entertaintment which they called Mpop. And yet the feedback recieved are not that satisfying, in other word, well..... =.= ... so Some of the existing Mpop Group are....


Prince Of Pop

Max 24:7


There You Go, some of the Malaysian pop group That are trying to be like one of those Korean pop, So what do you think about them, wannabies???Fake??....
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*information given are based on Iepov Research Throughout These Phenomena.

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