Friday, November 18, 2011

Malaysia Won against Indonesia.

Last night (17/Nov), Malaysia national soccer team with the title Harimau Malaya has won a match with 1-0 score that will determine the Group A overall champion against The Indonesia national soccer team the Garuda's. Thus after defeating the Garuda's, Harimau Malaya face the Myanmar National team and The Garudas will face the Vietnam national Team, Both for the Semi-Finals match.

  • Malaysian winning Goals are contributed by Shahrul Azhari.
  • khairul Fahmi performs a very good showmanship keeping Malaysian goal post safe.
  • Kim Swee (Harimau Malaya Coach) is ordered to leave the field because of the constant objection he made to the match referee.  

Fifa Ranking
FIFA (World ranking) Ranked Malaysia   : 151 
FIFA (Zonal Ranking) Ranked Malaysia  :  27 
FIFA (World ranking) Ranked Indonesia  : 147 
FIFA (Zonal Ranking) Ranked Indonesia  : 21 


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