Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Serial butt stabber

Can you actually believe some people would go around and stab other people? on the FRIKIN BUTT!! 

Yes, a Serial butt stabber with the name Johnny D. Guillen, or known as Corta Naglas or 'Butt Cutter' already arrested due to his unusual act of crime. Before arrested this man had stabbed 13 women butt in the area of northern Virginia, most of the attacks occur on a shopping mall. 

This man must be one of those freak that have those weird sex fantasy, instead of having the thoughts "Damn, Ima tap that as*" he goes like "Damn, ima stab that a*s, go home, and fap to that!". Which apparently he did.

Now, keep this man away from people and threw him in a jungle, this man is to disgusting to be wandering around.

Check out the video, this video is in Spanish, can find any in English.

Also check out this video about another butt stabber freak stabbing people butt caught on tape.

Do be warned: Clenching of own booty might occur.


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