Sunday, December 4, 2011

Traffic secret with : AVI (4000 traffic per day in 2 weeks)

Greetings, ouh, wait up? 4000 traffic per day within two weeks of blogging? that is amazing, either you have a lot of time following people blogs 24/7 or you have the ultimate secret of generating this amount of followers. Impossible? nope! one blogger has prove it is achievable.

Who is he? or she....

Running a blog called the Facebookviral he (or she) goes by the name Avi .
Who is this Avi guy actually? he don't really give his information out to the public, not even a single picture of him, but for the time being he is being successful managing his blog thus getting 1400 followers within two weeks. And average generating 4000 plus traffic a day. With just the amount of two weeks and roughly only 11 post, That is a a quite impressive performance he shows there.

What is his blog is all about again? what is so special about his blog? why does everybody keeps coming in and out of his blog?
well to summarize his blog, we found out his blog is pretty much about all the information that appear to be interesting and after browsing around his blog i find out that all his articles are quite informative. For the time being i can see he is a type of guys who would gladly share his knowledge to everybody, and i do support knowledge sharing. Visit his blog here Facebookviral .

*Facebook viral*

Anyway we would like to congratulate him on his excellent performance so far.
What is his secret anyway? a very good strategy? is he a very diligent bloggers? or this is just his luck.

* This entry is made just for the purpose to join a competition held by him. Check it out HERE. Fell free to join this easy and convenient competition.

p/s More info on the Competition :
      Due Date : Monday 5/12/2011

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*Edited on June 19 2012*

*This guy is just an another scammer, he made up cheap story so that he can gain thousand of easy traffic. 

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