Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baraa Melhem confined in the bathroom for 10 years!

This is one of an unfortunate event occur to a young girl name Baraa melhem in Ramallah, she has been confined in their house bathroom for 10 years. She claim that she only being released  around 1am to 4am early in the morning to tidy up the house and cook.

She is held since she is 11 years old, and now she is 21 years old, she also said the her father always thought her to assume that outsider or those people whom she did not know as villain or terrorist.

According to the social worker who manage the case, Hala Shreim, Baraa is saved by the local Palastine Police from the bathroom at Qalqilya. Police act after receiving information due to the captive from an unknown source.

Other than that, Baraa Father whom holding an Israel nationality is arrested and given to the national authorities.

Baraa is also forbidden to go to school and to meet her mother. She got her head and eyebrow shave, and only allowed to take shower one a month. Baraa also claim that her father used to hit her with wire and given just one blanket to comfort herself and also given bread as food.

The far most worst thing is, her father always encourage her to commit suicide, an old radio is the only thing that connect baara with the outside world.

In the recent interview with the Voice of Palestine Baraa is now in a safe hand.


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