Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be Warned : Facebook Timeline will go live within 7 Days!

This might not be a great news for some of the Facebook user including myself, but recent news says that the Facebook timeline will be Mandatory for every Facebook user. It is no longer an option for the Facebook user to either stick with the old layout or choose the new Timeline Format, within 7 days, all Facebook user profile page will be change to a Timeline format. 

Basically, this new Timeline Format is differ from the old format of Facebook profile layout, instead of showing our recent post and activities only, the Facebook Timeline shows our post and activities weeks, months and even years back.

The thing with this new Timeline is, it makes it easy for stalkers to stalk you and your past. I'm pretty sure none of you want random people(stalkers) to Digg into your past hatred, sorrow, nostalgic moment of yours and look for something that should be long gone. 

And you know what Even people who don't want to stalk you will stalk you, you know why? because now, they can! 

What is it good for actually? most of the Facebook user don't see any advantage of using this Timeline format instead of the old format, cool profile banner? post from years back? etc....

Well for any of you guys out there who don't want to wait no more you can always change your profile here! Facebook Timeline, but be warned, ones you change it to Timeline format, you will never change back. Personally i would like to stick with the old format, a format of Facebook layout where they still preserve our privacy.

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