Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Farah Lee for Ally Iskandar.

At last! after years of waiting, Ally Iskandar had choosen Farah Lee to be his wife, now the question that always running around the people mind is now answered. Fans are really looking forwards for this day to come. 
Ally Iskandar(36) is one of the host in the Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI), and has been hosting shows in conjunction with Tv3, thus he is being well known as one of the highly popular Tv Host in Malaysia.
But most of Malaysian already knows who is Ally Iskandar, but who is this Farah Lee we are talking about??

Here is some info About her : 

Full Name : Nurfarahin Romli
Age : 23
Education : Final Year Student Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (South Korea)

*Age difference between Ally And Farah are : 13years Old
*Wedding ceremoney was held at Crystal Mosque, Terenganu.

Quote from Farah Lee :-
“Saya terima abang (Ally Iskandar) sebab dia dapat terima dan hormat keluarga saya seperti keluarganya sendiri, malah keluarga saya juga dapat menerimanya dengan hati terbuka,” - Nurfarahin Romli, 23.

''I accept him (Ally Iskandar) because he can accept and respect my family same as he respect his family, even my family can accept him with an open arm''
- Nurfarahin Romli 23.

Iepov Say : We wish both of you a Good Luck in marriage and All the best / Semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu :)
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