Friday, January 27, 2012

History of Iepov : The rise and fall (2008-2012)

Today i would like to share my thoughts and past experience on these past years of bogging, and some review i had experienced on the Blogging scene throughout the year 2007-2012 especially review on the Malaysian Blogging scene, this review is based on my first hand experience and how does it impact the journey of my Blogging scene. 
I started Blogging in the year 2007, my first blog was called at that time i dont even know what is blogging is all about, what i know is, you write down your stuff, people read and comments. I dont even have idea that Blogging can generate money.
so my thoughts on that time is as simple as this :


I still remember my reaction when i know that Blogging can generate money/income it was around the year 2008 or so, and i had been hearing people talking they quit they job, just stay home and be rich bla bla bla.
At that time earning RM700 a month is enough. And people are making a big fuss out of it. Of course i was like! ''woah! ok...''

So time pass by i try to learn and study about blogging, about all those affliate and stuff, and then (was created also one of my many blogs) through out the period. 

At that time (2008-2009) there are not so much bloggers out there that i can refer to,Because back then, Malaysian Bloggers scene are not like what it is today, only few are them exist and they solely depends on concentrating their market internationally, they dont even concentrate their market locally. Because at that particular time most of Malaysian dint even know what it Blogging is.

And then i lost interest in blogging and i think this is only a waste of time.

But come 2010, the rising of Malaysian blogs and bloggers community everyone wants a piece of the action and i myself dont want to miss out thus are created. In one intention. To share information and knowledge thus generating income, so here it is today. Since then, has been going through a tremendous developmental from its messy layout to a more professional looking layout and such, to its downfall to its rising up.

Nowadays, Iepov is looking steadily maintaining a far more better amount of visitor then what it is back then and it is steadily increasing day by day. Looking at  iepov everyday performance i am satisfied.

Due to that, im working on posting a first hand experience tips and tutorial after this, on how do i manage my blog and how do i compete with the other bloggers, in my case. The international Bloggers. So stay tune for more and subscribe!

p/s : my prev blog does not exist anymore dont waste your time looking for it :)

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