Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kuala Lumpur Along(Loanshark) strikes again!

Kuala Lumpur Loansharks or better known as Along is well known for their violence towards the community. an unfortunate 39 year old women who borrow an amount of RM10, 000 from them (Loansharks) is threatened for weeks because of the women is unable to settle her loan instalment with amount of RM700 which already due around 2 months now.

Most recent case the Along act aggressively by trying to burn down the women house by setting a fire in the kitchen around 7am Yesterday(23/Jan). 

Fortunately for the women she is awaken from her sleep and aware of that fire thus rush to the kitchen, before putting out the fire with the help of the nearby residents that hear her scream in terror.

5 minutes later after the strugling to put out the fire, Fireman arrive and put out the fire completely.

Before this, 27 August last year, the women are forced to serve those Along in the night club just to get money loan.

She already did make a report to the police and now Those along are now hunt by the police.


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