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Wait! what is 9gag? it is a websites that publishes comic sketches known as rage comics using character that are known as memes, using epic storyline and epic character, these type of comic sketches has become highly popular among the internet surfers out there.
9GAG is set in Hong-Kong and hosted in the United-States. 

If you dont know what is 9gag you are missing out the fun of being on the internet, well...literally saying. 

But wait?who is the original founder of these genius websites? the man behind the scene? you must be wondering right? so here it is the founder of
Ray Chan & Chris Chan

Co-Founder of 9GAG. Co-Creator of Startup Quote.
Marco Fung

Co-Founder of Singboard. Co-founder of 9GAG. Computer Science HKUST.
Derek Chan

Co-Founder of 9GAG

There you go, the man behind the scene, and these man are responsible for the genius creation of 

For any of you who dont know what is 9gag you can click the link below, but do be warn your time might be wasted. (lol)

Visit 9gag : HERE!!
Overall Iepov do support 9gag, it indeed bring enjoyment of surfing the internet up to another level. Cheers.

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