Monday, February 27, 2012

Joanna Ramos died in a school fight over a boy.

Joanna Ramos an 11 year old fifth grader at Willard Elementary School died Friday in the hospital after complaining of a headache.
Friday, after school two girls and 7 other girls went to an ally where they planned to have a fight.
The fight are caused over a boy, it is just plain stupid Several days later during an after-school program she complaints about headache and urged to see her supervisor. Her supervisor and then called her parents before she is rushed into a hospital.
Ramos was unconscious and not breathing when family members took her to the hospital at about 5:50 p.m., according to police. She was rushed into surgery but pronounced dead three hours later.
Outside Willard Elementary School, friends left balloons, candles, stuffed animals, flowers and letters to Ramos.
For iepov we thought that this is just plain stupid, having a fight over a boy? this shows that ego inside kids nowadays is killing us. Today they fight over a boy, what would had happen in the future? our generation is screwed. Well in this case, the American generation.
Those kids involved should get what they deserve, not to punish them, just to teach them and any other kids a lesson.
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