Sunday, February 12, 2012

Luis Suarez refuses to shake Patrice Evra hand.

Last night during the match between Manchester United V.S Liverpool an incident happens between Luis Suares and Patrice Evra. Whereby, Luis Suarez refuses to shake Patrice Evra hand.

Some people refer this to a racial act, because before this conflict between both of these man is related to racism, What incident you ask? 

Lets break it up and form a timeline, and lets show how does the feud between this 2 man started : 

December 2008 :
Evra are banned for four games and fined him £15,000 for his own behaviour, including pushing the groundsman and striking him on the side of the head.                                                   

October 2011 : 

Move on three years and this time Liverpool player Luis Suarez is suspended for eight matches and fined £40,000 for levelling racist insults at Evra during a game.                                 

February 2012 : 

Luis Suarez refuses to shake Patrice Evra hand, and this labelled Suarez as racist thus Sir  Alex Ferguson [M.U Boss] said that Suarez is a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club.                   

Later that day after Manchester United won against Liverpool with the score 2-1, Patrice Evra celebrate their victory in front of Luis Suarez.
Lol what an epic comeback from this M.U Defender to the Liverpool Striker. Look at Suarez Face.
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