Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Public Message] New criminal kidnapping tactics. [Must Read]

This is indeed frightening, similar to the case of Ms Canny OngOne day, there was a woman who stopped at a petrol station to fill up. Once finished filling the fuel tank after paying by credit card at the pump and would like to leave the station, the attendant in the shop to talk through the speaker and thus tell something that happened with the card and asked her to enter the cash to pay.

The woman was confused because he had finished refuelling and credit card payments were approved. He shows the hand signal to the attendant and be ready to leave but the attendant once again urged her to enter the store counter to pay cash. By feeling a little angry, she went into the store and questioned the staff action and accused him of cheating. The attendant told her to stay calm and listen carefully when she told the attendants are to fill up, he saw a man make way into her car and hid in the back-seat. He immediately contacted the police. Women continue to be afraid and immediately see the car door open and the man sneaking out and leave the car in a hurry.

Recent cases have been found associated with the test to start new criminal gang which requires a person to bring back the body of a woman .. One way they do is to crawl slowly and infiltrate into the car, while women are the primary targets of petrol stations or in grocery stores at night. Then, they will cut off a leg / ankle kidnap their victims and then kill and dismember them. The other method is to force her into the car and then kidnapped them, Please spread this to other women, young and old.

First, women should be more careful when want to get into the car at night.
Second, do not put the car in a remote nook or simply want to get free parking!
Third, if possible, avoid driving alone at night! This is the real situation! Kidnapping!Murder! Broken limbs separated divorced! This all happened in Malaysia!

Make practice:
A. Make sure cars are locked at all times even if you leave the car for a while.
Two. Check around the car before getting into a car.
Three. Always be aware of any unusual signs of your surroundings and other individuals in the general vicinity, particularly at night

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