Thursday, February 2, 2012

May Pow Shuang killed by her depressed grandmother.

SERDANG: "I've killed your daughter two days ago, back now to meet her," said a 57-year-old woman after killing her 10-year-old granddaughter in the incident at the apartment Koi Legian, New Kandan Park, near Georgetown. (Wednesday, Feb 1st)

Women involved to contact her son at 9.30 am after killing his granddaughter, May Pow Shuang10making her unable to breath by pressing pillow to the face of the child.

Later that day, the father 31-year-old victim failed to enter the house because the main door are locked from the inside and ask for police assistance.

Once the police broke the door, the father of the victim was shocked to see her daughter lying stiff on the bed in the master bedroom on the eighth floor while her mother attempted suicide by cutting his left hand ring finger with a butcher knife before attempting to jump from the window of the room.

Women who lived with the victims involved, the father of the victim and two othergrandchildren suffering from depression after the business downturn facing their restaurant in Old Klang Road.


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