Friday, February 3, 2012

Lisa_Rosli93 insulting Sabahan and Sarawakian.

Using the username as mention above or her full name are applicable Nur Juhalisa Rosli, this girl has been going around the twitter and insulting the Sabahan and Sarawakian people.
This of course offended both Sabahan's and Sarawakian's, it is indeed a speech of hate, this kind of expression will sooner or later will create havoc to the community.
As a Sabahan myself, im also mad as hell, she shouldt say that kind of crap. Here is some screenshot of her doings.

And later that night i was searching for her account and it appear that her account is suspended, serve that b*tch well.
and here some of others got to say to her.....
Here at iepov we will uncover who is this Lisa_Rosli, you can run but you cannot hide, stay tune for more.


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