Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wilbur and Teresa Faiss, America's longest-married couple

The Las Vegas residents were first wed in April, 1933. Wilbur, now 100-years-old, tells KVVU TV, "I just had no idea of us ever winning the longest-married couple."

A group called the Worldwide Marriage Encounter certified the marriage as the nation's longest ongoing union. On a recent trip to Nevada, President Obama was even scheduled to deliver brief remarks acknowledging the couple.
"How often does an ordinary guy get recognition by the president of the United States? It's one of these things that's once-in-a-lifetime," Faiss said. Unfortunately, the couple were late to the event and Obama had to remove the remarks from his speech. However, the White House has told Wilbur and Teresa that the president will be returning to Nevada in the next few months and will make the remarks to the couple then.

As for the secret to their wedded bliss as they approach their 80th anniversary, Wilbur says, "It's very simple. It's give and take and compromise."

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