Sunday, March 25, 2012

Women Locked up, beaten and raped for 7 month.

Recent news reported that A 25 women who is brutally abused in Johor for 7 month has escaped from her hell. she is one of the victim of a fraud by a Bangladesh man that originally offer her a job at a restaurant.

Not only she is locked up, but also she is beaten and raped almost every single day during this period due to her refusal  to be forced into prostitution.

The suffering victim does not end there, when she claimed the men also raped her more than 10 times during the seven months of confinement. However,the victim managed to escape from the cage at 10 pm yesterday and then immediately call one of her friends and ask for help.

After advised by her friend, the women lodged a report at Kendal Police Station, demanding stern action against those men. She also claimed eight more women were involved and still confined and forced into prostitution by the men involved.
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