Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pam Shaw the 70 years old virgin

A 70 year old virgin women, Pam Shaw are now ready to settle down, being protecting her virginity for 70 years, working as a cabaret dancer, she believe that she still got a chance to be with a handsome, tall millionaire.

She doesn't believe Sex Before Marriage and she is too busy with her career to find a man and and make a family.
Being a Cabaret dancer with the stagename 'The Sexational Pam', she are always reffered to as the sex icon among men's, but little that they know, Pam never got any intimate to any man.

Pam is indeed pretty amazing, protecting her virginity up until now, to save it up just for the right guy.

In a recent interview Pam stated that it time for she to give marriage a go and to to bed with a man, also added that nothing is too old for anything.

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