Sunday, May 13, 2012

Malay girl Xrayed : See Through [Picture Included]

It is said an Xray or see through application that are capable to see through clothes are already out there on the internet. This is commonly used to see through the clothes (especially women clothes). 

Of course this is not a new issue, it has been circulating around the internet for quite a while now. It is said that it can create an xray effect of a particular picture by manipulating the source of light gathered on the picture, thus revealing private parts of a women.

So what does this shows? no women are safe to post their picture on the internet? 

The Malaysian's are shocked when local bloggers started to post a picture showing a women wearing White Baju Kurung (Malaysian Traditional Clothes) got Xrayed and exposed.

The source of those picture are unknown, it might be fake, it might be legit. You be the judge.

So for those womens out there, have a thought before sharing your picture on the internet next time, Be careful. And do spread the news.

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