Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marvell Comics & Blue ear helps mom

A 4 year old boy with an hearing disabilities get an inspiration when Marvel created a custom comics made just for him.

Anthony Smith of Salem, New Hampshire hate to wear the hearing device, which he called as  the ''Blue Ear''. He would just throw it away or put it aside when asked to wear the hearing devices and say ''Super Heroes doesnt need hearing aid''.
Being a fan of Marvel Comics, his mom turned to marvel to ask for help so that Anthony would wear the Hearing Device again. 

With the awesomeness of the Marvell comics staff, their sent a comic book who featured a  superheroes who also have the hearing disabilities 'The Hawk eye'.

On top of that Marvel also create a custom comics called the Blue Ear, where the superheroes wear Hearing Aids to answer distress call, before saving the day.

After being inspired, Anthony starting to wear the Blue Aid once again.

Awesome Marvell is awesome, not to forget his Awesome mom.

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