Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sam Chong is the first Malaysian billionaire in Australia

Mining magnate Sam Chong has become Australia first Malaysian-born billionaire as revealed by the latest Business Review Weekly (BRW) Richest 200 list.
A self-made man, Chong, 69, who was born in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highland, increased his wealth by A$50 million (RM153.623 Mil) from las year A$950 million (RM2.918 billion).

Another Malaysian is close to joining the Billionaire's club. He is award-winning Queensland property developer Maha Sinnathamby, 72, who is listed as having A$820 million (RM2.519 billion) and his kitty is increasing rapidly by the month.

Chong, who is married with one child, came to Australia in 1973 to study mining engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 1973.

Brw, Australia's leading bussiness magazine, said Chong held a range of mining roles after graduating before taking a position with Queensland Coal Mine Managementt, now known as Jellinbah Group, in the 1980's.
There he worked with millionaires Jim Gorman and the late Ken Talbot before they left to pursue other venture.


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