Sunday, May 27, 2012

WWE Chriss Jericho Disrespect Brazilian Flag

Recently, WWE Chris Jericho has made a bad call when he disrespect the Brazilian Nationality, by crumpling, stomping and kicking the flag in Sao Paolo on May 24.

Later on, the incident got the local police attention, before WWE give Jericho a choice either to apologize or got arrested. Also he is questioned whether it is only an acting for the sake of the WWE Sports Entertainment or it is Jericho real intention to do so.
He is then suspended from WWE for 30 days, and as reported in the recent interview he do understand the suspension and seems calm about it.
Fans at the event initially booed Jericho for his treatment of their flag. Jericho, with a microphone egged them on and told them to "Shut your mouths!"
His tone later switched to humble.
"I love Brazil. We are very happy to be here to perform for you. So please accept my apology for stepping on the wonderful flag of this wonderful country," Jericho told the audience.
The apology was met with cheers and applause and the performance continued.
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