Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baby infant bitten by cobra for the sake of a street performance

This happens in india, to be frank, we all know India is one mess up country, they exploit everything so that some idiots would have a couple of bucks in their pocket. Even their politicians are circle's with corruption and s*it. But that is another story.

This topic is about a video showing a girl infant are placed in-front of a Cobra, as she taught the snake is a toy she  crawl towards the Cobra before she is bitten several times, on the frikin head!!.

I know times are getting hard, and money is friking everything. But exploiting your baby to get profits? that is just straight mess up.

I know i cant judge things that i dont even knew about, but after watching the video, i know India is a frikin mess up country. Even the community is heartless. 

What a poor baby, although the cobra fangs already removed but still that is so wrong. The authorities should take this matter seriously so that these kind of exploitation would not goes on and on.

p/s : Not all people are as stupid as some, still there are still as stupid as others.


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