Wednesday, June 6, 2012

‘Honour Killing’ a Malaysian was murdered

Melbourne:  An Indonesian-born man murdered his wife’s Malaysian lover in an honor killing after rumors of their affair spread through sydney’s Malaysian community.

Hazairin iskandar has pleaded not guilty to murdering Malaka-born mohd Shah Saemin outside his flat in Leichhardt, in sydney’s inner west, on Feb 21, 2010, but guilty to his manslaughter, the AAP reports.
Hazairins’s wife, Nita, was having and affair with Mohd Shah, her co-worker at the Malaysian Consulate, at  the time of his death.

The jury would hear Hazairin and his son Andrew Lay in wait for Mohd Shah outside his flat before crashing their hired car into his car and pursuing him through the streets. The crown case is that Hazairin stabbed Mohd Shah at least four times to the upper body with a knife repeatedly with a hammer.

Mohd shah suffered several blunt force blows to the head, but ultimately bled to death at the scene from stabbed wounds.

“It is the crown case that to protect the honour of his family and together with his son, the accused planned to kill the deceased in what they thought of as an honour killing’’.

*Nita flee to Singapore after her lover Mohd Shah Saemin was bashed to death.

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