Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rude!!Two teenage girls beating an old man.

A video given the title 'Remaja Perempuan Melempang Pengemis' translated into English as 'Two teenage girls beating a Bum' has gone viral on YouTube since 2010. 

The Malaysian amateur video shows that two teenage girls dressed up as a boy or better known as Tomboy or 'Pengkid' beat an old Bum on the streets just for the sake of their own amusement.
What da fuck is wrong with the girls??A bum is also a human being, and those girls treat him like he is just a piece of crap. It is quite sad to know that those girls acts like sh*t and do whatever they want without actually using their head to think.

I know that, this is not a new issue and the video has been put up on YouTube for almost 2 years now, but i think this is worth sharing.


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