Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strange cloud formation seen around Sabah.

Most of the Sabahan's people were shocked when they look up on the sky, when a strange cloud formation is formed all along the Kota Kinabalu sky, yesterday morning.

It is indeed strange because there are no similar incident reported in the past, and this would be the first time Sabahan's witness this strange event.

The picture of these strange cloud has gone viral on Facebook and it is shared by hundred's of Facebook user's.

The thing is, currently, the weather in Sabah is unpredictable, there are days when it is raining all day, Shine all day or even drizzle. So when a strange phenomenon occurs, people assume that this is an abnormal events.

The dragon like cloud are actually called the Shelf Cloud, in the field of meteorology this is a normal phenomenon, but it rarely happens. The Shelf Cloud are formed when there are heavy storm occurs.

Now that explain the strange cloud, some sort of air disorder up on the sky that re-formed the cloud.

It is quite funny though when some refer the incident as the sign for the Reckoning day, Tsunami, Massive Tornado and other unthinkable result due to the incident.

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