Saturday, June 16, 2012

What happen if you refill Mcd Beverage more than 5 times.

Only in Malaysia you got this kind of drama going on, what kind of drama? cut a long story short, a group of High School Students are enjoying their McDonald Meal, when they decided to refill their beverages, not once not twice, but five times.

And what does this lead to? well....argument between both side occurs, i don't know what really lead to those silly misunderstanding, i mean starting a fight for some stupid reason are so immature yet both side then decided to settle things outside the premise. 

Maybe there are some background scene that does not shown on the vid that goes something like this :

Student : May i refill for the fifth time sir??
Mcd Staff : Go fuck youself!
Student : #$*&*(#@$

Better yet watch the video for yourself.

For those of you who are expecting some fight, well dont waste your time watching the vid, because other than a group of teenagers talking crap to each other, you wont see any brawl.

(Additional dialogue are purely made-up)

We cant even blame them, teenagers gonna be teenagers, in 5 years onwards if they watch this video they will shit bricks....Literally....

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