Wednesday, July 25, 2012

James Holmes's kills 12 person on Batman Movie screening. Is he trying to act like the joker?

Who would have thought that someone would willingly play's a super-villain character that we usually see only in comic books. 

That's what James Holmes did, wearing a full body armor and a gas mask with his hair dyed reddish-orange he killed 12 person and injured 58 others when he appear on a Movie Theater during the Batman The Dark Night Rises screening in Aurora, Colo. 

Monday, the alleged killer appears on Colorado Courtroom, various source stated that Holmes looks confusing and dazed, as stated by he might be faking it because there are no sign of medication or any drug consume or misused. 

Although any punishment for his act are not publicly announced yet, the people reaction on and shows that they are really looking forward for his death penalty for this First Murder Degree act. Here is one of the screenshot on the public respond for his act.
The public are really looking forward to know what would the court sentenced him to, is it a Death Penalty? or a lifetime prison? Even in most of the movie's, all villain dies at the end, and im pretty sure Holmes knows that is a fact, by being a comic book fanatic him self. We could afford to have him walking around and harm the community.

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