Sunday, July 15, 2012

Michelle Obama death threat

Recent news reported that a motorcycle escort for the White House Official has threaten to kill Michelle Obama. It is quite funny how the issue started to get to the eyes of the public. 

The alleged Motorcyclist threat are overheard by a police officer, which then reported it to the Police Lieutenant on the division, before the case are brought up to Metropolican Police Department and the secret service.

It is not clear through, where does the place of conversation took place, or how many officers are involved, but it is reported that during the conversation the alleged escorts says that he would shoot Michelle Obama using the firearm that he then shows using his phone.

I do really think that it is only a joke made among friends, but in this case it is a very bad joke. Especially if you made a joke about the First Lady, what makes things worst is, you are actually working for her. Lol.

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